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High quality mentor-ship and advice must be available to every student anywhere in this world for free.

You can contribute to discussions at either as a mentor or as a student and make a difference with your time, ideas and advice. Pravaas stands for Journey in sanskrit, so let this just be a short pit stop. Post any question you may have in the discuss link above and a mentor will be assigned to you. was founded in early October 2009. To learn more about read the FAQ. used to be hosted as a social network on ( In May 2010, announced they were going pay-only. This aggravated one of the founders and he decided to take matters into his own hands and host the entire network himself. The result is a much simpler and easy to use service. And to top it all, you do not need to sign up for a account. To post a message you just need a Google Account! Sometimes, disruptive changes are for the better!

Check out the archives to get a sense of the kinds of questions that have been asked in the past (like this one: Acing the technical interview).

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